Lead Ambassadors

Lead Ambassadors are paid a small bursary for successful execution of their services and are regional and would perform the duties of an Ambassador and in addition act as a point of contact for Ambassadors within their region and support them in their duties. A Lead Ambassador will…

  • act as an Ambassador to their own close locality and perform the duties as set out in the Ambassador role description
  • allocate requests for support to Ambassadors using their local knowledge to select the most appropriate Ambassador
  • act as a point of contact to a number of Ambassadors in their region and to provide advice and support in their execution of Ambassador duties
  • keep their allocated member of NCW team and keep them updated with news of activities and events happening in their area so that the NCW Twitter feed can tweet and publicise what is going on
  • keep close contact with their allocated member of the NCW team disseminating information as requested by email
  • collate records of contact as provided by Ambassadors and communicate this data to the designated NCW board contact as required

Associate Ambassadors

Ambassadors provide their services voluntarily and are our vital ‘on the ground’ people who willingly give their time to advise and support a small number of schools/organisations in their locality to put on NCW activities. It is not envisaged that Ambassadors will ‘put on’ or take control of activities. Nor is it required that they offer schools/organisations a face-to-face meeting. They will:

  • make contact with schools/organisations who have contacted NCW and requested support within 48 hours of receiving the request from the Lead Ambassador
  • To work with schools/organisations via phone, email, or other remote communication to:-
    • provide information and data about NCW as supplied by the NCW team
    • provide suggestions for activities and resources which will support the school/organisation in celebrating NCW. Only NCW or free at point of use resources should be recommended.
    • use their own social media presence to promote NCW and to support the school/organisation to publicise their involvement and support for NCW
    • Refer any requests to organise events or sponsorship enquiries to their Lead Ambassador Support schools in finding local support by linking them to local Enterprise adviser
  • Keep simple records of their NCW activities to feed back to Lead Ambassadors

N.B. If Ambassadors wish to make face-to-face meeting arrangements with schools/organisations they do so at their own risk and should take all reasonable precautions to ensure their own safety.


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