My career journey into PR

During 2015, I worked with Channel 5 supporting them through the implementation of a new system. When I was not working at channel 5, I was looking for my next break in Public Relations , or PR. [...]

The Entrepreneurial Path

Sometimes the best career to be in is the one you have defined yourself through starting your own business. This however is probably one of the scariest things you can do in life, especially when [...]

Write for us

Could you create content or blog for NCW? NCW is a community whose main aim is to improve careers education, information, advice & guidance for people in the UK.  It is the largest [...]

I want to be a…

Getting pupils and students to positively engage with the careers services available to them is a challenge fit to test the ingenuity of a mastermind. Whilst this is true for the majority, a [...]

The journey to work

Giving a talk on jobs and careers to pupils or students? Whether you’re a major employer, a local company or ‘just’ a parent, be in no doubt that you have a significant opportunity to influence [...]

The Launch

Back in April the UK careers scene nearly lost one of its most precious jewels; for over 5 years National Careers Week has been serving the UK with the biggest celebration of all age careers [...]

10 Reasons

10 Reasons SLT should prioritise Careers Education, Information & Guidance (CEIAG) in schools… Because you came into teaching to do the best for the young people There is a statutory [...]

Choice & Chance

I’m an HR Professional with a lot to think about, say and do around careers. It’s one of the better aspects of working in the people part of the equation of business success. I’ve always [...]

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