Benedicta BangaBirmingham

Benedicta is the Founder of Gradstrategy a Career Management Agency providing coaching, mentoring and soft skills training to graduates at different stages of their career.

Her current work includes a Recruitment Mentoring Programme for preparing final year undergraduates for the world of work. The Programme also helps employers attract, recruit and retain engaged and well-prepared graduates in a cost effective manner. She also runs a Soft Skills Academy equipping graduates with a range of valuable on the job skills.

Her specialism is Careers in Business, which encompasses Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics, Project Management, Change Management and Business Transformation. Having achieved significant success in some of the UK’s leading global manufacturing brands from FCMG to Automotive companies as a Procurement and Supply Chain professional she uses her broad experiences to coach and mentor graduates in the art of being the desirable candidate.

She is a strong advocate for manufacturing and supply chain growth within the UK, especially the West Midlands. She is experienced in working with graduates, giving talks to graduates, graduate attraction and recruitment.

She has a real passion for seeing graduates employed in fulfilling careers. Her strengths as a coach lie in being able to get individuals to focus, be resilient, get absolute clarity and more importantly take ownership and action that leads to success in their careers. As a mentor she succeeds in showing individuals their strengths, designing tailored career strategies that ensure individuals become talented, valuable and sought after professionals.

Her first book on Graduate Careers Strategies is coming out in this summer. She is contactable via and social media.