Costa ConstantinouLondon

As in many migrant families, my parents placed a high value on schooling, so the passion and beliefs I hold about education are deeply personal.  I call it the golden ticket to a better life.

Students model their behaviour on those around them, so as educators we can play a vital role in providing them with the tools they need to grow and excel throughout their lives. I aim to inspire others to provide top class, inclusive education that encourages teaching professionals and students to think outside the box and recognise their talents. My motto ‘Never Stop learning’ is a phrase I constantly use within my own organisation.

I’m keen to be involved in NCW because firstly I believe all students should have access to exceptional careers education, which drives them to reaching their goals. Secondly, I believe my experience as an educator would enable to me to demonstrate my skills and expertise as well as develop my own learning and professional skills further.