Mark Andrew LeeNorth East

From working in a range of sectors around the globe, I always enjoyed taking on various roles and experiencing the world with others. I have been an online journalist for videogames, a swimming instructor, a leisure club manager, lifeguard, youth worker, shop assistant and even a web designer! From working in so many roles, it seemed inevitable that I would end up training to become a careers adviser! Here I have truly found my passion as I have been an adviser for eight years and remain passionate, motivated and humbled to work in such a role. Having worked in two colleges in the North East of England, I am now the IAG Team Leader at Hartlepool College where I continue to bring my enthusiasm, innovation and support to both clients and colleagues.

The North East represents unique challenges based on a range of socio-economic factors both past, present and future making it a fascinating place to work as a careers adviser. Each day offers new challenges and opportunities to learn as a professional and support individuals.

I remain passionate about the psychology and communication of technology often embedding technology/gamification in my practice to communicate information and possibilities to young people. Such interests align with National Careers Week where our team deliver support sessions including social media profile clean up/support sessions and using the web to find employment talks. We also host our own careers website and social media accounts and often deliver unique content on social media during NCW. We’re all deeply passionate about careers education and the importance of IAG at Hartlepool College and cannot wait to start NCW 2016!