William CostelloWest Midlands

Moved to the UK from Galway, Ireland in 2011. As a student I had too much to say, nobody told me at the time that this was a skill and that I would one day build a career out of having conversations. Following a joint honours degree in English and Education and my QCG/PGDip in Career Guidance from Nottingham Trent I am currently coordinating career activities and providing one to one guidance for the Grace Academy Schools in Solihull, Darlaston and Coventry, this is a U-Explore contract. I am extremely proud of the U-Explore vision for CEIAG, particularly the launch of our new initiative, START, which is a FREE Career Guidance Software platform for every UK School and College, feel free to ask me more about it. My approach to CEIAG is to try and get Careers embedded within the curriculum and become a part of the student’s everyday life as opposed to isolated events throughout the year. Adopting U-Explore’s whole school approach has allowed our students to rack up over 1 month and 16 days + worth of WRL and favourite over 1000 careers to their profiles…so far. Careers really is so much more than a 30 minute interview.U-Explore makes it easy for teachers to get on board with careers with a huge range of subject specific careers lessons/workbooks that link their subject to the world of work. We also aim to reach students on their turf, through media rich online content.

Outside of work I love playing my native game of Gaelic Football and keeping fit. Feel free to get in touch.