10 Reasons

10 Reasons SLT should prioritise Careers Education, Information & Guidance (CEIAG) in schools…

  1. Because you came into teaching to do the best for the young people
  2. There is a statutory duty – you’ll find it here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/careers-guidance-provision-for-young-people-in-schools
  3. Good CEIAG improves exam results
  4. Good CEIAG improves motivation and engagement
  5. To improve destinations data
  6. Ofsted is concerned by the patchiness of CEIAG 2
  7. Young people are voicing discontent with the level of support they are receiving to help them plan for their future.3
  8. Improved retention in 6th form – Destination data is collected by the Government and reported upon. Whilst, in the past, destination data has been a very blunt tool, the improvements made to data capture and reporting mean that it’s becoming more effective at pinpointing schools where students are making poor decision about progression and dropping out.
  9. Option choices for GCSE need to be considered and relevant
  10. Pupils can’ t be aspirational if they’ve not heard of the careers that could be open to them.

Evidence to support points 3,4 & 5 can be found in published research 1 which cites “The efficacy of lifelong guidance In the education system it:

  • Engages individuals with learning.
  • Clarifies pathways through learning and work.
  • Supports the acquisition of career management skills (for managing learning, work and life) and employability skills.”


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