My career journey into PR

During 2015, I worked with Channel 5 supporting them through the implementation of a new system. When I was not working at channel 5, I was looking for my next break in Public Relations , or PR. I worked as a freelancer with Brixton Soup Kitchen and Harts Theatre on publicity and raising their company profiles. As I ventured into freelance PR I did face some challenges, as clients preferred to work with more established firms. Despite the hurdles, I remained resilient and in the last 2 years I have worked with clients across lifestyle and charity sectors and my confidence grew along with my experience.

Over the past year, I have discovered I wanted to work in travel and lifestyle PR and this was unearthed through my passion for travelling. It is more than just the beauty of a country, but how to sustain tourism and development in a location that inspires me.

With that said, in January 2016 I decided to put my future plans into action and that following September I began my Masters in PR & Corporate Communications at Kingston university. I wanted to deepen my knowledge of internal and external stakeholders of an organisation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to work towards becoming a PR and communications specialist. Going back to university for my Masters in 2016 was the best decision and I have no regrets. I have had a very positive experience, especially because I already had some industry experience. The great thing about Kingston university is that, you get to work with live clients and they offer a CIPR accreditation to become an associate member of the professional body (a great badge to have when pursuing a solo career).

I believe it is important to become a well-rounded person and gain practical skills in the real world. Discovering who you are, where your passion lies and what interests you as well as your dislikes will steer you onto the right path. My journey discovering PR made it easier to confirm what I wanted to do study my Masters in.

Going back to university after spending time in the workforce came with some challenges. Adapting to student life was hard, as my first semester was very intense but like most university, Kingston is very supportive. I complete my Masters in September 2017 and I am excited at what the future holds. I plan to become a PR and communications specialist and work with international clients in travel and lifestyle PR.

“If the opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Milton Berle

About the author

Roniqua Gerald PR. You can catch her on twitter @Ronishares