Careermap Results Day Guide

Careermap Results Day Guide

Careermap Results Day Guide for 2019

If you’re a teacher or careers leader and your students are due to receive their A Level or GCSE Results then the Results Day Guide 2019 is a must read! Careermap have created a Results Day Guide for schools, colleges, career advisers and teachers to help provide advice and guidance to students on Results Day.

About Careermag

This is a comprehensive guide packed full of independent career information to help you understand your students’ options. Whether your student does better than expected or their grades fall short – don’t worry! Remember there are ALWAYS options.

This Results Day Guide, sponsored by NCFE, PiXL and Engineering: Take a Closer Look, covers:

  • A Guide to A Level Results Day
  • A Guide to GCSE Results Day
  • UCAS Clearing
  • UCAS Adjustment
  • CV Writing
  • Alternative options to going to uni
  • How you can boost your life this summer
  • Digital Degree Apprenticeships
  • The Future of Mobility
  • Clean Growth

We also cover in depth a range of career sectors including:

  • Automotive
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Landbased and Environment
  • Sport and Fitness

Check out the wide array of opportunities available to students! From University, Degrees, Volunteering, Apprenticeships, Gap Years and much more… The Careermag Results Day Guide covers them all!

Plus a bonus article!! We understand that the lead up to results day can be stressful. That’s why we’ve included a Mental Health Toolkit so you can help them to look after their mind this Results Day!

The Results Day Guide will be available from Monday 12 August, just in time for A Level Results Day!

About The Author

Careermap is the UK’s go to place for school leavers, college students, graduates, career advisers and career leaders. The platform provides young people, schools, colleges and universities with inspiring content, a wealth of career guidance and advice and 1000’s of live early career opportunities.