Careers at Sea?

You’ve worked hard at your studies and now you’ve got your results, well done! This is just the start, a foundation upon which you can build your working life. Thinking where to go next? Don’t fancy a 9-5? Careers at Sea is here to let you know about the opportunities available onboard ship in the Merchant Navy.

Have you ever been on a ferry or cruise ship? Seen the huge container ships carrying goods and resources across the seas? A ship’s crew are there to safely navigate the ship, maintain and monitor the engines and host passengers. Where could you see yourself?

Did you know that over 95% of goods are transported in and out of the UK by sea? The maritime (shipping) industry is vital to our nation’s economy, supporting trade, transport and research around the world. You could be part of it; set sail in your career and let Careers at Sea guide you in your Merchant Navy pathway.


From officer cadetships to ratings apprenticeships, there are a variety of ways to start a career in the Merchant Navy. Engineers, Navigators, Electro-Technicians and Hospitality workers – all are important roles on board ship in different types of vessels.

Careers at Sea hosts a source of information on entry routes and training pathways giving you all the information you need towards a career in the Merchant Navy, onboard ship. With a variety of courses and types of programme, you can find your fit and start your career at sea adventure. Entry requirements for Officer routes and Ratings roles help you work out where to start, as well as a list of sponsors and companies that could help you on the way.

Whether you see yourself on a passenger vessel, container ship or tankers transporting vital resources around the world, a career at sea could offer a working life like no other. A unique set of experiences await your career at sea – bespoke academic training at specialist colleges and hands-on practical experience onboard ships steer you towards a seafaring qualification; your ticket to a career in the Merchant Navy.

Schools and youth groups around the UK can invite one of our Careers at Sea Ambassadors to attend careers events and speak about their real-life experience on board ship, advising how you can do the same. All our Ambassadors have worked on board ship in their career – some are still studying, newly qualified or progressing in their own careers. Their invaluable experience gives a unique insight into life on board ship – the training, the trips and typical day-to-days. Why not invite them to your next open day, careers fair or presentation slot?


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