Careers Week Case Studies

After NCW 2018, we ran a competition asking for schools, colleges and organisations to submit case studies to exhibit the amazing work they do.

Secondary Winners
  1. Tresham College Wellingborough, Corby & Northants
  2. Carlton le Willows Academy – East Midlands
  3. Eggars School – Hampshire

Primary Winners

  1. West Oaks all through School – Yorkshire
  2. Ridgeway Primary Academy – Tyneside
  3. Greenwood Academies Trust – Corby
Although there were only a few winners announced, the quality of the case studies we received amazed all of us here at NCW. As a result, we are proud to present to you 16 of the best case studies showing the impact NCW has in schools and colleges around the country. Many thanks to all the organisations that took part. You can visit the case studies page using the link below:
Alternatively, you can download combined documents of each case study type below: