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Careers at Sea is the national promotional body for the Merchant Navy, the collective name for the commercial shipping industry.

What is the Merchant Navy and what does it do? Find out more here

Working in partnership with the shipping industry and under the instruction of the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB), Careers at Sea is the most up to date source of unbiased information about the range of fantastic career pathways into the Merchant Navy working on board ship.

Training routes are fully sponsored by companies who will arrange your college studies as well as your necessary experience working on board ships. What are you waiting for?

To Sea, Or Not To Sea?

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Did You Know?

…that over 90% of all trade is moved by sea? There are over 50,000 commercial ships worldwide and people are always needed to navigate, maintain and fix these high-tech and advanced ships!

There are a number of roles available covering Deck, Engineering and Electro-technical departments as well as catering, hospitality and on-board services roles. As an Officer, you will train on a three-year sponsored cadetship and will manage the operation of the vessel. If you train as a Rating you will be one of the members of support staff and complete a sponsored apprenticeship. Both routes lead to professional qualification recognised worldwide.

Ships come in all shapes and sizes

Imagine taking control of steering a cruise ship over 300m long. How about being part of the team running and maintaining the ships engines, some as big as double decker buses! Whether you end up being part of a crew moving essential materials and food across the world, providing transport for people across channels of water or supporting research vessels, there’s a place for you.

Get on board a career in the Merchant Navy. Start with Careers at Sea.

Our progressive and structured approach to career development means you’ll help change our bank for the better.

To be ready for the future, we need the right people, with the right skill, doing the right work. Our five people capabilities will make sure every apprentice develops the right skills; helping us build the bank of the future. Those capabilities are:

How can we help you?

Hear it first-hand

We have a team of Careers at Sea Ambassadors; former serving and training seafarers who volunteer their time to visit schools and youth groups across the UK. They can come and speak about their experiences training and working in the Merchant Navy – what beats first-hand stories?

Any school or youth group can request a visit from one of our Ambassadors to attend a careers fair, give a presentation or represent at a workshop. Virtual offers are in place following current restrictions but face-to-face will return when it’s safe to do so.

Visit Our Website

Our website will take you through everything you need to know from interest to application:

We’ve also got lots of free resources on our dedicated National Careers Week page, including videos, access to nautical college resources and interviews with cadets (those in training) and college lecturers.

Information for Careers Advisors & Teachers

On our Careers at Sea website you will find a range of information covering:

For more information, contact us at: [email protected]