Making a Career Move? Don’t Go It Alone

In the current market, finding that perfect opportunity may seem a daunting task. With numerous job boards advertising an endless number of vacancies, it can sometimes feel very overwhelming.
There are many options out there; whether you’ve just finished education or you’re looking to take the next step on the career ladder it’s hard to know which job is right for you.

Why not get a helping hand? Using a recruitment agency is a cost free solution and can more often than not save you a lot of agro! Not only have they spoken to countless candidates in your situation but they are also aware of what’s out there, what the current market is like and can give you the support and advice to confidently move you onto the next step of your career.

Here’s how a recruiter may be the perfect partner for your career search…

Access to roles before the job boards – A lot of employers who have good relationships with recruiters, may go directly to them with a vacancy meaning it never even reaches a job board. Having a recruiter working in the marketplace on your behalf can give you unique access to opportunities.

  1. Direct links to hiring managers – In a lot of cases it’s likely that your CV won’t land directly in front of the decision maker and quite often you’ll find that you don’t even get a response from your initial application. There’s a lot of qualities you can’t necessarily disclose through a CV, i.e. your passion, personal approach, values and drive. A recruiter will take the time to chat directly to the hiring manager, discussing the value you will add to their business, selling your strengths as well as your ability to fit in culturally with a business. These are things that a piece of paper can never express. Relationships with companies you want to work in – A recruiter’s role is to introduce talented candidates to great businesses. The chances are, they may have already spoken to a contact in your dream workplace. Got an employer in mind? Tell your recruiter! They may know exactly who to speak to in that business and can therefore introduce you to them to get your foot in the door.
  2. Constant Support & Guidance – A good recruiter should be an extension of you, an ally, someone to support and guide you in your job search. Whether that be giving you advice on interview preparation and techniques, enhancing your CV or walking you through the nuances of a client to assess your compatibility – they’re there to advance your career. A great recruiter will dive beyond the job title; they will analyse a business’s requirements and match them to talent not only on skills and salary level but on core values, preferred environments, cultural fit and progression opportunities.  A recruiter isn’t just there to drop you into a role and run off with a juicy fee! It’s in their best interests that you are satisfied in your new role and are gifted the opportunities that you desire in your career. The post placement experience should be just as good as the support given in your job search. They’ll want to know how you’re getting on, what you’re enjoying in your new role, what challenges you’re facing. You aren’t on your own and if you have any niggles, they can address them with the employer and put you at ease- all things that can’t be achieved following a direct application.
  3. Awareness of your local market – It’s a recruiter’s job to have knowledge of the local market. They are exposed to a variety of local businesses and once hearing of your skills/experiences they may know the perfect employer suited to you and be able to tell them all about you- whether they’ve got a vacancy or not – when they hear what a perfect fit you are for their organisation, who knows what opportunities may arise?
  4. Variety of contracts to suit you – Using the standard job board process, you might be able to specify whether you want part time or full time employment but using a recruitment agency gives you the opportunity to express exactly what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking to gain some practical experience and want to work two or three days a week around your studies, a recruitment agency may be able to accommodate this once they are aware of your circumstances, whereas looking through the job boards, you may come up short when trying to match both your dream role and specific hours. If you’re struggling to find a permanent role and are in desperate need for employment, a recruitment agency will often have temporary roles, starting immediately, that they can place you in until that perfect job comes along- this also has the benefit of developing your experience and skills.

Maryam’s story

Maryam approached us straight from education, looking for a position where she could build her career and add real value to a business. Maryam was amazed by how thoroughly we got to know her as well as her needs, wants, desires and aspirations. Through our extensive business network we found the perfect fit. Maryam is now employed in a leading manufacturing business where she is honing her craft working with other skilled finance representatives.

What Maryam had to say:

“Following gaining my qualifications and a little voluntary experience, I was really worried that employers wouldn’t see how I could contribute to their business, having limited hands on experience. Working with the Cummins Mellor Recruitment team was the best thing I did. They took the time to drill down on my experiences and communicated them with the employer to ensure they understood exactly what I could bring to their business; both on a skills level and from how I could add value to their team. I may not be the finished article just yet, but I’m now getting the opportunity to learn on the job and develop my career- I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Using job boards, is of course a viable route that a lot of people go down to source employment, but believe me, it doesn’t come with nearly half the amount of benefits as using a recruiter who truly cares about your future and has links to fantastic local employers all with no cost to you as a jobseeker.

For more advice on how a recruitment agency can benefit your career search, please get in touch!

About the Author

Helen Jackson is Director of Commercial Developments at Cummins Mellor Recruitment. You can contact her at or find out more at