Entrepreneurship as a career choice – Top 10 Tips

Top Ten Tips

  1. You can choose to be an entrepreneur and start a business.
  2. Think about things that you need or things that need improving – would anyone else need this item or service too?
  3. What skills do you have that other people would pay you for? Art? IT skills? Design? Cookery?
  4. Who could help you to research the idea – friends, family, internet etc?
  5. Talk to teachers or lecturers in business, DT, science, ICT – could they help you design a prototype? (working model).
  6. Get the feedback, improve the product or service, test and improve it.
  7. Do the sums add up, 1? How much would your idea / product / service cost to make? Who will help with start-up costs?
  8. Do the sums add up, 2? What sort of profit margin do you want to make? (without a profit your business will go nowhere)
  9. How will you show people what you can do? Marketing – posters, word of mouth, social-media pages are all important ways to get the news out.
  10. START! Launch your own career in National Careers Week.