Microsoft Apprenticeships: empowering the workforce of the future

As the digital revolution continues, many of today’s most common jobs are evolving as the pace of technology increases. Similarly, a lot of new, previously unheard-of jobs are starting to emerge, and it’s important we equip young people with the skills needed to make the most of these exciting opportunities.

90% of newly emerging jobs require digital skills of some kind, and 72% of UK employers are unwilling to even interview candidates who don’t have the requisite IT knowledge. This means that thousands of jobs are left unfilled, as many otherwise promising candidates don’t have the right skills or experience to step into a digital role.

This is why we’ve developed the Microsoft Apprenticeships programme. As a key part of the Microsoft Digital Skills programme, it’s our mission to help upskill our partners and customers, and to help young people future-proof their careers through training and qualifications.

Microsoft Apprenticeships deliver the skills that school leavers need to help businesses grow in an increasingly digital world.

What is the Microsoft Apprenticeships programme?

The Microsoft Apprenticeships programme began in 2010 and has nearly 20,000 people that have gained qualifications through apprenticeships working with Microsoft partners and customers, ranging from large corporations to local companies. Since launch, the programme has fulfilled 4,000 apprentice roles each year with expanding roles across sales, marketing, technology and business.

Microsoft Apprenticeships are designed by and for Microsoft partners and customers and delivered by our learning partners, combining online and classroom learning with a real job. The programme covers the most in-demand roles and requirements, and caters for all levels, from Level 3 right up to L6 and L7 Degree Apprenticeships.

Microsoft Apprenticeships offers:

  • An effective alternative to university – and to university fees
  • Suits your learning style
  • A chance to work for innovative Microsoft partners and customers
  • Gain industry recognized qualifications in a real working environment
  • Earn while you learn
  • A range of careers, not just technical careers
  • A pathway into stable employment – 92% of apprentices stay on with their employer

What roles are available?

Microsoft Apprenticeships are not just for those who are looking to pursue a technical career – we also have a range of roles available including apprentice roles in digital sales and marketing, data science and analysis, project and business management, cloud systems administration and app development.

Did You Know?
  • 90% of newly emerging jobs require digital skills
  • 4,000 apprentice roles fulfilled each year
  • 92% of apprentices stay on with their employer