5 of the Best National Career Week Activities

So I’m sat here reminiscing National Careers Week 2015 and all the great activities put on by various establishments across the board and thinking what a great idea it would be to share these for NCW newbies to help plan their own week in 2016.

We’ve found the following were amongst the most popular activities utilised during a National Careers Week.

Career Fairs

One of the more popular ideas is orangising a Career Fair for students, inviting a wide spectrum of local businesses to talk to students about what they may be looking for from future candidates. This is great because students can quickly guage what interests them and can talk directly to employers about their experiences in that sector. A Career Fair is also really beneficial for younger students to visit so they can start to develop ideas of what they would like to do in the future.

A variation of this we’ve seen in the past is a ‘Careers Speed Networking’ event which features a number of stations with employers on, small groups of students then get five minutes on each station with the opportunity to then go a speak to employers they liked the most at the end of the session.

Guest Speakers

It’s always really inspiring for students to hear from individuals they can identify with. Last year a whole host of schools invited some great guests in to speak to their students. Oaklands College in Hertfordshire invited QPR FC manager of the time Chris Ramsey to talk to their students whilst Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy invited former Arsenal FC chairman David Dein to inspire sports students about the different roles in sport.

It is also really effective to invite ex-students that now have a successful career to share their career journey. This is beneficial as current students can really identify with the journey and may inspire them to do something similar. It also helps set realistic expectations on the process in making a success of themselves – nobody becomes an instant success straight out of Sixth Form right?

Asking students, what is your Dream Job? 

Get students thinking about their future career paths by asking them about their dream job in specialised career sessions. This can be taken further by dedicating the whole session to researching entry points into their chosen job. This is vital because first of all you’re helping identify their dream job but also researching the journey of how to make the dream a reality.

Interview Sessions 

Who remembers their very first interview experience? I can, I was absolutely petrified! By hosting interview sessions with students you will get them used to the format and put them miles ahead of future candidates.

Career Workshops

Whether it’s after hours or during lunch times, National Careers Week is an ideal time to hold specialised careers workshops to aid students in their career goals. Useful sessions may include; CV building, cover letter writing, LinkedIn tips and social media optimisation. Go the extra mile by making these workshops mandatory for all students.

If you have any activity ideas to share for National Careers Week please do get in touch – we would love to hear them and share with the wider careers community.