NCW isn’t just for the younger generation!

It was coming up to the end of 2012, a year spent working odd jobs to pay rent, bills, food and the odd social night out. I graduated with a degree in Film, TV & Photography and still couldn’t land a stable job. Supermarkets and pubs were the only jobs going for graduated students and I didn’t want to be one of those who constantly signed on to JSA. I kept getting email updates from job opportunities in and around Cambridge, however with only my degree as my recent qualification and a music & arts magazine that I created for fun as my background, it was near to impossible to find a job with genuine career prospects.

You might think, why did this person move to London to find work in the media industry? Well I did, but it’s an insanely competitive market, I technically didn’t need to study it at university either, as I had to start from the bottom up. I had no problem with that, however you’re looking at earning between £12-15,000 a year and no one can afford that, whether you live in London or commute.

Then suddenly, I saw an internship offered by a local careers media agency, where the job was to assist with creating a social media presence for their national event. Something called ‘National Careers Week 2013’. I applied for the role as I knew a thing or two about digital promotion (thanks to the magazine I ran) and one thing led to another, I got offered the job! 4 hours per day, 4 days a week and what was even better, it was a paid internship! After 3 months, I got hired as a Digital Publisher and by the time I left I was their Marketing Coordinator.

Little did I realise then, that this would be the job that shaped my career today!

The founder of NCW, Nick Newman was not only my manager, but a mentor too. It felt as if he took me under his wing in developing the publishing, graphic design and marketing skills I lacked. After two years and a few months, I had worked on three NCW campaigns, creating content, designs and resources. I got to meet with the Barclays LifeSkills team to both come up with campaigns that would benefit both students and adults as well as boosting my confidence when talking to other academic professionals.

I used to be quite an introvert professionally, but the work, experience and skills I gained from working with Nick and NCW dramatically changed that.

Since spending two and a bit years working at NCW, I’ve gone on to work for Cambridge University, a local insurance broker and more so recently landed a job of a lifetime, working for a smart energy metering company – with a five-year plan that includes personal development, growth, managing a team, being able to travel abroad for business and work for a globally known organisation.

From starting on £16,750 back in 2013, I’m now earning £30,000 in 2017. 4 years, 4 employers. I know that I’m dedicating my next five years to my new employer as I wish to further my knowledge by studying in the future.

I have NCW and Nick Newman to thank for my career development and can tell you now that the team behind this years’ National Careers Week campaign are honestly hear to help you achieve your goals. Okay, you may think you want to be filmmaker when you’re 18, but now I’m working in marketing 10 years later, earning more than I could ever imagine with endless opportunities to look forward to in the future

Taking on a paid internship/apprenticeship is worth it. Trust me!

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Samuel Douglas @sldouglas88