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Careers at Sea is the national promotional body for the Merchant Navy, the collective name for the commercial shipping industry. Working in partnership with the shipping industry and under the instruction of the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB), ‘Careers at Sea’ is the most up to date source of unbiased information about the range of fantastic careers available to people in the Merchant Navy.

We have a team of Careers at Sea Ambassadors; former serving and training seafarers who volunteer their time to visit schools and youth groups across the UK. Any school or youth group can request a visit from one of our Ambassadors to attend a careers fair, give a presentation or represent at a workshop.


…that over 90% of all trade is moved by sea? There are over 50,000 commercial ships worldwide and people are always needed to navigate, maintain and fix these high-tech and advanced ships!

There are a number of roles available covering Deck, Engineering and Electro-technical departments as well as catering, hospitality and on-board services roles. As an Officer, you will train on a three-year sponsored cadetship and will manage the operation of the vessel.  If you train as a Rating you will be one of the members of support staff and complete a sponsored apprenticeship. Both routes lead to professional qualification recognised worldwide.


On our Careers at Sea website you will find a range of information covering:

  • the entry requirements,
  • a list of shipping companies who take on new entrants each year,
  • a range of careers events and open days throughout the year,
  • a dedicated National Careers Week page with free resources and information,
  • our Careers at Sea ‘To Sea or Not to Sea’ film,
  • ways to get involved with Careers at Sea and the shipping industry during NCW

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