Who are we?

We champion potential, helping people, families and businesses to thrive.  We’ve identified three areas of focus where we can start to make a substantial impact in addressing challenges that can potentially hold people, families and businesses back. These are Enterprise, Learning & Climate. Have a read through Our Purpose page to find out more, or watch the video below of our CEO Alison Rose chatting through how our purpose links to our Early Career opportunities.

We want to drive our purpose through all our brands, some of which are the best-known names in our industry. We have The Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, Coutts, Adam & Company, Ulster Bank, Lombard and many more in our family.


We serve over 19 million customers and all their banking needs through these brands.  Our headquarters are in Edinburgh but we also have offices in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Bristol as well as in many other communities right across the UK.

We offer so many programmes for people looking to start a career at Natwest. We have programmes for all people, with a range of experience, in a variety of different business areas and locations. There really is something for everyone.


What we offer

  • Customer Service
  • Digital, Technology & Data
  • Relationship Management
  • Business Administration
Insight Weeks
  • Commercial Banking
  • Structured Finance
  • Software Engineering
  • Coutts Relationship Management
  • Data & Analytics
  • Finance
  • Risk
  • Internal Audit
Internship & Graduate Programmes
  • Commercial Banking
  • Structured Finance
  • Private Banking
  • Software Engineering
  • Change & Business Solutions
  • Data & Analytics
  • Finance
  • Risk
  • Internal Audit
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Communication & Corporate Affairs
  • RBS International
  • Natwest Markets

How We’re Celebrating National Careers Week 2021

We’ve updated our employability website for everyone at school/college or university to get support with key skills. It comes with videos from apprentices, graduates and senior managers with their hints, tips and career insights (which are really useful!) We also have a quiz on there that you can take to help you decide what might be the next step for you, and we’ll share some recommendations of specific resources that might help you.

Check it out and visit Career Kickstart:


We’ve got a school leaver’s brochure in the making too, so keep an eye on our website for when it comes out. It’ll be full of detail on what programmes we offer and tips on how to apply as well.

Our Great Place to Work

NatWest Group is a great place to start your career and you’re really important to our future as a bank – in return we promise we’ll give you:

  • A Fulfilling Role
  • Fair Pay
  • Good Leadership
  • Excellent Training

Our progressive and structured approach to career development means you’ll help change our bank for the better.

To be ready for the future, we need the right people, with the right skill, doing the right work. Our five people capabilities will make sure every apprentice develops the right skills; helping us build the bank of the future. Those capabilities are:

  • Improver Innovator
  • Change Ready
  • Critical Thinker
  • Connected
  • Trusted Advisor

We’re diverse and inclusive

Being inclusive goes right to the core of our culture. We’re the only organisation to feature on the Times list of Top Employers for Women every year since it was launched, and we’re regularly in the top 30% of the Stonewall workplace equality index.

In fact, 87% of our employees tell us we’re doing a good job of supporting diversity – we’re determined to do more.
Inclusion matters because we want everyone to feel valued and welcome when they’re being themselves at work. We know diverse and inclusive organisations understand customers better and can make better decisions for them, too. We’re passionate about creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Being inclusive is in our DNA and here are a few of the ways we’re proving it:

Our goal is to have 14% of our leaders from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds by 2025. This year 55% of our 2020 apprentices are from BAME backgrounds. 46% of our summer interns were from BAME backgrounds too, as well as 32% of our new graduates. We aim to increase this each year.

We’re founding signatories of the UK government’s ‘Race and Work Charter’, and Business in the Community and Investing in Ethnicity have recognised our efforts to improve diversity too.

We created a New Digital and Innovation Degree Apprenticeship; supporting individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. We also hosted two insight weeks this year partnered with the Sutton Trust and the Social Mobility Foundation to support school students from underrepresented backgrounds looking to learn more about careers in banking.

How women are leading the way

We understand the importance of inclusion and equality and we’re making sure all our colleagues have a voice. We pledge to have representation of men and women across all our business by 2030 and we’ve already seen some fantastic results – here’s a few of them:

  • Women hold 45% of our top 5000 managerial jobs
  • 56% of our 2020 interns were female
  • 49% of our 2020 graduates were female
  • 46% of our 2020 apprentices were female

Why Our Apprenticeships Are a Great Place to Start

Our apprenticeships give driven, motivated and talented people the chance to join us and really make a difference, even if you don’t have any experience – you can join straight from school. They’re a great alternative to further education for a few reasons:

  • We pay a competitive salary regardless of which apprenticeship you go for
  • We’ll help you get a permanent job at the end of your programme
  • We make sure your performance goals are clear and achievable
  • You’ll complete a professional qualification
  • We’ll give you time away from your day-to-day job so you can concentrate on your qualification

Our apprenticeships are a fantastic starting point and a great way to practically learn lots of new skills – we’ll support you every step of the way to make sure you’re clear, capable and motivated to succeed.

Our apprentices work in lots of different jobs like customer services, relationship management and technology.  Some of our apprenticeships let you deal with lots of our customers directly and some of them are jobs where you support colleagues who work with customers.

Whichever apprenticeship you join, you’ll provide excellent support to keep us on track to becoming the number one for customer service, trust and advocacy.

What Will You Gain?

We’ll make sure we help and support you to get the most out of your apprenticeship from your first day. You’ll continue your education because you’ll be working towards your professional qualification; developing the skills and knowledge that’ll help you find a permanent job at the end of your programme.

Our expert Early Careers team will be on that journey with you; supporting you through your programme and being there every step of the way.

You won’t be alone – you’ll be part of a wider group of apprentices right across the bank as well as the rest of our colleagues who are welcoming, supporting and will share their knowledge and expertise to help you succeed.

Every year, we do a survey to see what apprentices feel like working with us, here’s what they had to say:

  • They’re engaged – they’re given real responsibilities and are trusted to deliver
  • We’re inclusive – we have colleagues from lots of different backgrounds; all working towards the same goal
  • We develop apprentices – we have lots of training and learning sessions (on top of the professional qualification) so, whatever you want to develop, we’ll help you
  • Our apprentices feel trusted, respected and supported by their manager and colleagues

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