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NWG Innovation Festival 2017 was developed from concept to delivery in 5 weeks and the project could very easily have been the subject of one of their own design sprints! It was five action-packed days including six challenges to solve through design thinking techniques; all hosted in a unique summer festival atmosphere. This year, there will be 13 societal and environmental questions looking for solutions following on from successes last year, such as Newcastle Moss Tree and the Refill campaign.

The North East Region needs people with strong skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and to build this talent pipeline it is essential we inspire our young people by igniting their passion. There will be activities for students to participate in from KS2 upwards at both the Festival and The Centre for Life:-

  • KS2 & 3 – Workshop to develop personal skills such as relationship building, communication skills, resilience, problem solving and confidence
  • KS2 & 3 – A collaboration between Oracle and Bloodhound SSC to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers by sharing how the impossible becomes possible through design thinking and basic coding
  • Lower KS2, Upper KS3 – Workshop linked to ExoMars mission where students will program a Mars rover to search for evidence of water or minerals
  • KS3 – A process driven workshop allowing the students to learn through experimentation building a stored energy vehicle
  • KS4+ – Blue Planet, Teenage Sprint – A design sprint with industry experts to find a solution to our dependency on single use plastic

All attendees who register for the festival will be asked a short set of questions about their career pathway and to supply a photo to share with local students. This data will offer an interesting insight for young people to inform their own career choices.

The 2018 Festival takes place from 9th to the 13th July and you can find out more here

About the Author

Catherine Boland – Business & Community Engagement Lead, Baltic Training, North East National Careers Week Ambassador and North East LEP Enterprise Advisor