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Prozac is a very high quality and effective antidepressant. It contains the active ingredient fluoxetine. You can buy Prozac online only with a doctor’s prescription, since the drug belongs to psychotropic drugs. You can find cheap Prozac in any pharmacy, without exception, under different names.

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Instructions for use

Fluoxetine is one of the most common antidepressants. Its mechanism of action is to increase the amount of serotonin in the brain – the main substance that normalizes mood and mental state. It has a pronounced effect, raising the patient’s mood from the first days of admission, does not require long-term courses of use (the maximum period of use of fluoxetine is 4 weeks) and allows a lasting effect to be achieved. In some cases, the drug can lead to a decrease in appetite.

When choosing a rational therapy for any pathology, you should always choose the drug that is safer and as effective as possible will have the desired effect. Despite a wide range of contraindications and side effects, fluoxetine is one of the mildest antidepressants, does not cause drowsiness or impaired cognitive functions. It is widely used for:

  • Various forms of depression;
  • Depressive phase of bipolar disorder (alternating periods of depression and excessive euphoria);
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (obsessive ideas in the form of repetition of the same actions such as checking the shut off gas, counting passing cars, etc., due to the fear of developing fatal consequences);
  • Bulimia (uncontrolled overeating).

This drug normalizes the emotional state by increasing the concentration of serotonin in the brain. It is worth noting that in the treatment of bulimia, the emphasis is on the side effect of the drug – a decrease in appetite.

Thus, fluoxetine is indicated for admission in all cases when the patient’s mood is low, his performance and motivation for any constructive actions decrease.

At the moment, fluoxetine is recognized as one of the best antidepressants and is indicated for use when:

  • Seasonal depression;
  • Apathy (long-term decline in mood, not reaching the degree of depression);
  • The depressive stage of bipolar disorder.

The most common side effects of fluoxetine include dizziness, sleep disturbance, irritability, especially at the end of the course of taking the drug. All these effects can be perfectly controlled by taking any sedative.

Where can you buy

You can buy a generic Prozac if you enter its active ingredient into the search box of an online pharmacy website. The system will offer you a choice of several drugs. Typically, cheap Prozac online will be sold under the names Fluoxetine, Profluzac, etc. “Where can I buy cheap Prozac online without a doctor’s prescription?” – this question is asked by many people who suspect they have a depressive disorder. You should not rush to purchase this drug – it can have many side effects, which only a doctor can take into account in full.