Question Time

This plan will help anyone who would like to host a Question Time-style event with local business and education. The idea is to start discussions on local employment need and prospects, foster partnerships and develop stronger links between schools and local employers.

Event Management suggestions and guidelines.

  1. Contact National Careers Week and download posters and branding for your event. (Branding guidelines are available from the site).
  2. Decide on a date during #NCW 2018 – 5th to 10th March 2018
  3. Organise a venue – maybe at a local employer’s premises or maybe in a large space at your school or local college.
  4. Contact local businesses and ask them to attend, submit someone for the panel and suggest a few questions for the audience and / or attending education partners. Also ask local businesses to sponsor the event in return for promotion around the school and in the media.
  5. Invite local educational partners – local primary, secondary schools, FE Colleges, Training Centres and Universities. Invite panel submissions and also questions for the panel or audience.
  6. Set up a ‘free to attend’ ticket system on EventBrite (or other ticketing system) so you can capture names and addresses and info for safeguarding.
  7. Invite local people to attend – parents, educators, other businesses – put a Press Release together for local newspapers and let us know at #NCW2018 so we can send out Tweets and other info in our newsletter.
  8. Promote the event – Create a #HashTag for the event and use Twitter, FB, letters home, newsletters and emails out locally.
  9. Finalise the panel – we suggest someone from local employment, education, an MP and at least 2 young people.
  10. Organise a host / chair – someone who is a professional speaker or MC is great. You could also ask us at #NCW2018 we may be able to provide or suggest someone to host and also link you to your regional NCE Ambassador who would be useful in the run-up and maybe on the evening.
  11. On the day / afternoon / evening of the event, have a dedicated Twitter / Social Media team to keep on top of tweeting the activities. Also get media journalism students to capture the event – interviews with panelists, audience and businesses as well as MPs etc.
  12. Drinks and snacks should be provided (a local business could sponsor this) to ensure people are made to feel welcome.
  13. Official welcome to be performed by HT of venue and maybe MP.
  14. Make sure the event is kept to time (suggested no more than 90 minutes) and Panel Chair / Host must ensure fairness in time spent by each panelist…also guiding questions to relevant panel members is crucial.
  15. Summing up to be completed by host, thanks given out and the event open for another 30 minutes for networking and discussion.
  16. Follow up event with Press Releases to local / regional news outlets as well as NCW HQ – the results of the discussions are significant and should be shared. Student videos should be edited and hosted on school website and shared on social media.

This list is not exhaustive but does give guidance on how to engage local players in the careers space during the only week of Careers celebration across the UK, National Careers Week.

#NCW2018 is between 5th and 10th March 2018.

About the Author

Andrew “Bernie” Bernard, Enterprise Director of NCW. You can follow him at @EnterpriseSBox