#TechSheCan – The Tech She Can Charter is a commitment by organisations to work together to increase the number of women working in technology roles.  We’re inspiring and educating young girls, and boys, with Tech We Can to get into tech careers so people creating the technology of the future represent society equally.

Here’s what we’d like you to do:

  1. Look at our Tech We Can lesson plans
  2. Read our Tech She Can Charter
  3. Watch our case study video
  4. Visit our Tech We Can portal

Why aren’t there enough women in technology jobs?

In 2017, PwC commissioned their Women in Tech: Time to close the gender gap research looking at the root cause of the lack of women going into technology jobs.  The report highlighted some worrying results like:

  1. 27% of females consider technology as a career option (compared to 61% of males)
  2. 3% of women say tech’s their first career choice
  3. Teachers, parents and careers advisors suggest tech careers to only 16% of females (compared to 33%)

One thing’s clear – we can only solve this problem when schools, government and employers come together!  We all know the saying “You can’t be what you can’t see” and this is another reason why women don’t consider technology jobs – there aren’t any female roles models (78% of students couldn’t name a famous woman working in the sector).

Female students don’t consider technology because:

  • No-one’s encouraging them to seriously consider it
  • There’s not enough information given to them at school about working in technology
  • There are no female role models

Our solution – The Tech She Can Charter

18 organisations founded the Tech She Can Charter and that’s quickly grown to over 140; all of them working together to encourage more females to get into technology careers.  We all work together to make sure we empower females to see technology jobs as a realistic and exciting future for them to pursue.  We start that at the school level.

So, what is Tech We Can?

We created the Tech We Can lesson plans to inspire children, particularly girls, to see all the possibilities a career in technology can bring.  Each lesson plans looks at a different area of technology, the jobs within it, as well as inspirational role models working in them.  They meet six of eight Gatsby Benchmarks and we have six lessons ready for you to look at on the portal:

Tech for:

And six more currently in pilot ready to launch in March this year:

Tech for:

  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Good
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Environment

What have been the results?

We’ve conducted two pilots from 14 schools and over 700 pupils and we’ve found:

  • 57% of students say they would consider a career in tech after compared to 43% before
  • 61% of students could name a famous female working in tech compared to 16% before
  • Overall, 91% of students enjoyed the lesson plans
  • And, 47% of girls said they would consider a future career in technology compared to 29% before.

At the beginning of the pilot, we asked students to draw a picture of someone working in technology. At the start, one girl student drew a man in a brown suit coding in a dark room, and at the end she drew herself dressed as a superhero working at Facebook.


Making sure we have equal representation of men and women in technology careers and sectors is vital.  We need to avoid gender biases in the technology of the future and encouraging more women into the field’s a crucial part of that.  Initiatives like The Tech She Can Charter means we can drive diversity in technology for the benefit and success of our economy.

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