The Launch

Back in April the UK careers scene nearly lost one of its most precious jewels; for over 5 years National Careers Week has been serving the UK with the biggest celebration of all age careers information, advice and guidance. But back in April we nearly lost it off the map completely due to the collapse of Careersinfo, the owners.

I remember it like yesterday – the lights literally went out and the future of NCW looked a distant hope at best. Having built it from nothing on the goodwill and help of the careers community, I felt deeply saddened but came out fighting. Not prepared to let it die I spent a manic couple of weeks calling and contacting friends and colleagues in the careers industry to crowd fund what we needed to save it.

What I found when I ran around the community explaining the plight of NCW was nothing short of inspirational; within no time a group of new shareholders from the careers community had jumped in to help save NCW, not just for another year, but to ensure its legacy would extend to the future.

As the Founder and CEO of the newly shaped Team at National Careers Week I am prouder than I’ve ever been, more hopeful than I’ve ever been and in awe of the power of a strong and caring UK careers community that has come together in our time of need to safeguard this precious initiative for future generations.

Alongside our careers ‘family’ our sponsor and partner from last year, RBS Early Careers, stepped up to extend their support for NCW just when we needed them, for this we are extremely grateful and at a time when the Finance industry has been under the microscope I hope others see this example of supporting young people and communities across the UK in the positive light that it should be seen.

We have fought hard to save NCW and I now ask the broader careers community to join us in making NCW 2017 the biggest and most successful year to date, reaching out to even more people to better inform and improve their life choices.

Things that are precious are worth fighting for!


Nick Newman FRSA

Founder and CEO

National Careers Week


You can contact Nick :