#NCW2020 Competition

A fantastic opportunity for our members and supporters

Aim: to inspire students to research, investigate and showcase a career area of their choice through the creation of a video to their peers.

Launching in #NCW2020, this competition is specifically for schools and academies in the UK for Years 7 to 13 students (11 – 18 year olds) working as individuals or in groups of  up to 6. It can be worked on as part of the curriculum across multiple subjects, as part of an extra-curricular activity or as part of a club or group: ideal for remote learning!  The winning entry will win a one year membership of the Global Bridge Platform for their school / organisation, meaning all students in their school/organisation can have access to create profiles and receive stacks of careers resources. Multiple entries from the same school/organisation are encouraged.

Challenge: create a careers video of no more than 3 minutes to showcase a Career Area in their community.

Students can select one of the following Careers Areas:

  • Creative and Media
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Business and Finance

Students should be encouraged to be as creative as possible and will need address the following CORE points:

  • The Careers Area. Why did they choose this area, what appealed to them about it and was significance does it have in the local area?
  • Careers available. Showcase the different types of careers available in that area.
  • Careers Routes: Showcase examples of the types of qualifications and the different career routes available.

Students may choose any format for their video; these may include:

  • interviewing someone working in that career area
  • presentation within the video
  • animation
  • role play / acting
  • singing / rap

Assessment: All entries will be assessed using the CORE criteria above as well as:

  • Creativity / innovation
  • Communication quality and messaging
  • Research of content

How to Apply

Videos will be submitted via email by parents/guardians/teachers/organisation lead to [email protected] by Friday the 14th August 2020. Feel free to share larger files with us via. Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer. In addition to the video each submission must be accompanied by a completed Entry Form which can be downloaded or completed online.

Judging will be complete September 2020 when the winners will be announced.


Competition Sponsor - globalbridge


The free home based resource pack works hand in hand with our online Globalbridge profiles which are a digital record of achievement that last a lifetime. Giving students the opportunity to showcase their talent and view opportunities with employers, universities and training providers. Schools and colleges pay for this access but due to the COVID-19 outbreak across the UK we are offering this FREE option.  

We have activity packs from on the platform from Globalbridge and our partners Virgin Money and Siemens with more to come.

Email [email protected] for more info.

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