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Maritime UK is the umbrella body for the maritime sector, bringing together the shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine industries.

Maritime UK runs a Careers Professionals Network for Careers Advisors and Teachers to learn more about the Maritime Industry. This network receives regular updates on developments in the Maritime Sector. There are also numerous CPD opportunities throughout the year to help expand your knowledge of the sector.

Maritime UK has a network of over 270 Maritime Industry Ambassadors on the Inspiring the Future Platform who can visit your school or college and speak to your learners about Maritime Careers. Throughout the programme, ambassadors have spoken to over 75,000 young people! You can request an ambassador visit and learn more here.

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Why choose a Maritime Career?

  • A variety of entry points – there is no one way to enter the maritime sector and once in, there are tremendous opportunities to move to different parts.
  • A green revolution – the industry is going through a period of massive change and has committed to tackling climate change by decarbonising by 2050. We need people to help us get there!
  • A $3trn industry – the industry is set to double in size by 2030, meaning thousands of new jobs are needed. In the UK, maritime is bigger than rail and aviation combined.
  • A funded career – there are numerous entry points to the sector offering fully and part-funded training.
  • A role for everyone – Maritime offers careers at sea and ashore, with the chance to see the world! There are wide varying career pathways and entry routes.

You can learn more about Maritime on the Maritime Careers Website!