A Film About HOPE

“It is with great pride that we introduce the official NCW2020 film, HOPE. All our feedback shows that this film has resonated with more students, parents, carers and teachers than any film I have made over the last 20 years. The film comes with a Hope Resource Pack for Assemblies, Tutor/Form time, PSHE lessons and guidance sessions. Please share with as many of your students as you can.”


The Careers Download – Edition 1

We’ve decided to make life easier for teachers everywhere and deliver a regular (monthly) electronic magazine packed with the latest news, resources, campaigns and sponsor content which will help you to inspire and enthuse your students towards great choices and fulfilling careers.


The Parents’ Guide to – National Careers Week 2021

The Parents’ Guide to provides parents with the information they need to help their teenage children make the right choices to create successful futures after GCSE and sixth form. Our online guides are designed to inform, involve and guide parental support. They include the most up to date information on topics such as apprenticeships, universities and revision techniques.


The Future of Work Guide

Navigating the future of work can be daunting and overwhelming, especially when there is so much uncertainty about it and there are a number of resources out there. This guide has mainly been created to help careers advisers and teachers to better navigate and understand the future of work, so in turn they can help students to better prepare for it.


Your pathways to a career using Chemistry

This booklet, sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry will help students to see what a career in chemistry has to offer. It will also allow them to find out how to take steps towards it.

NCW Skills Days Launch poster

Skills Day Number 3

Sponsored By Skills Builder

The last National Skills Day was on 7th October, sponsored by Skills Builder – Click here and get some great free resources from Skills Builder, and get ready to show #myskills next time on the 10th February 2021.


Dr Radha’s Top Tips For Stress

Watch Dr Radha’s Top Tips For Stress film and download the supplementary guide that accompanies the main HOPE film resource pack.


NCW 2021 Pupil Profile Booklet

Help engage your students with key employability messages regarding the importance of punctuality, attendance, behaviour and target setting. This booklet is ideal to use during tutor time over the course of the year to ensure students focus on forming good habits that will serve them well in the future.


NCW 2020 Highlights Magazine

Get your copy of our brand new highlights booklet covering everything exciting from Careers Week 2020! It’s packed full of great stuff for you to check out. There’s loads of photos and information showing off all the great stuff you got up to during Careers Week 2020. Download, copy, share!

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