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#NCW2024 Ambassadors

Building on the success of National Careers Week 2023 we are delighted to launch the Official Ambassadors for #NCW2024 campaign.

This is a voluntary role that will enable and empower positivity change through careers education. The role will be for the official National Careers Week 2024 campaign that takes place from the 4th – 9th March 2024.  Ambassadors provide their services voluntarily and are our vital ‘on the ground’ people who willingly give their time to advise and support a small number of schools/organisations in their locality to put on official NCW activities and events.

The role:

  • To promote National Careers Week
  • To attend National Careers Week Ambassador briefing and training
  • Provide suggestions for activities and resources which will support the school/organisation in celebrating NCW
  • To use your own social media presence to promote NCW and to support the school/organisation to publicise their involvement and support for NCW
  • To empower positive change through quality careers information and experience

The role is open to any individual who wants to make a difference and support with careers. The key thing we are looking for is people who make change happen by doing.

Download the Ambassador guide to find out more, and complete the online application by clicking the buttons below. The requirement process involves completion of the application form and a short Zoom Interview.

If you’d like an informal chat, drop an e-mail to: [email protected] (or) [email protected]