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NCW x HPP Collaboration

The High Performance Podcast enables access to a wide range of entrepreneurs, athletes, visionaries and leaders from across the world.

This set of resources are designed to challenge, prompt and inspire your students. All of it is FREE with only one request. If you find it useful please pass it on to a colleague or fellow educator. You can also share your thoughts and feedback by using the hashtag #HighPerformancePodcast.

Enough small ripples can cause big waves of change. Some of the content is challenging and provides a different perspective. It demonstrates that high performance is different for everyone and this should be celebrated. Your students may know some of the people referred to in podcast and the video clips, they may not. We aren’t suggesting that fame is a measure of high performance either, in fact some of the most successful people on the podcast you or students may never have heard of and that’s a good thing.


The Resources available are as follows:

Suggested uses for the resources