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The Inspirational Learning Group develop and deliver innovative and engaging enterprise and career focussed challenges for delivery in schools and colleges. We work with some of the UK’s biggest companies and universities to bring real life enterprise tasks and activities into the classroom supporting young people to exercise the soft employability skills required for their future.

Our Flagship programme is The National Careers Challenge – the largest careers and enterprise competition in the UK with over 400,000 young people taking part to date. Through a series of activities, students get the chance to solve a real business challenge set by our corporate sponsors and develop the essential skills they need to thrive in whichever career pathway they choose.

The Inspirational Learning Group is part of Dev Clever PLC, who are also the innovators behind the world’s first career search and discovery platform Launch Your Career. Since the acquisition in the summer of 2021, the company is building the foundations of the world’s first social and skills network that is set to transform the way the world learns, trains and prepares for the world of work.


The National Careers Challenge

Schools can also upgrade to take part in The National Careers Challenge, an interactive programme delivered in school as an enterprise day, hosted by our experienced facilitators. Schools can choose from several different challenges set by real employers such as NatWest, Thorpe Park, Air Products and more!

Winning teams from every school are invited to the LIVE FINAL at the ICC in Birmingham to pitch their winning idea to a panel of judges, and battle for the title in a Britain’s Got Talent meets Dragon’s Den style event!  The competition challenges young people to solve real business problems designed by leading employers and aims to support the development of key transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership and creativity.

Bringing the WORLD OF WORK into the classroom for National Careers Week.

The Inspirational Learning Group has exclusively partnered with National Careers Week to give more young people across the UK the chance to connect with some of the nation’s biggest employers, including NatWest Group, AirProducts, Thorpe Park, Butlins and Black Bullion.

Schools participating in National Careers Week, will be able to inspire and motivate students making decisions about their future careers by enabling them to interact with business and industry leaders and employees in real time using the latest virtual reality (VR) technology and a timetable of virtual events streamed into your school via the brand new World of Work portal.

In a bid to provide real experiences with employers and to ensure as many students as possible can access this innovation, The Inspirational Learning Group are sending thousands of free cardboard VR headsets and FREE live streaming of employer encounter events to schools that register to take part.


The World of Work is an emerging portal aimed to bring together employers and students to discover the working world, explore different sectors, journey through different environments, and uncover their ‘Worktopia’ – the working world that is right for you!

During National Careers Week, students and schools will be able to attend workshops, talks or virtual conferences with some of our real employer partners, and will receive exclusive access to the first employer experiences available on the World of Work.

What can schools access for National Careers Week?
  • A Timetable of live virtual events with real employers
  • Interviews with employees talking about how they landed their dream job
  • Short Form punchy presenter led videos highlighting sectors, environments and job roles
  • The first of many 360 Virtual Tours of Working Environments and FE/HE settings
  • The Launch Your Career virtual reality career search and discovery experience
  • Live LMI data and huge career database
  • Routes of study and course information for FE in the UK
  • Information on live apprenticeships with our partnered employers
  • Access all areas for student and educators on the Launch Your Career platform
  • Analytics and reports for teachers
  • Free teacher guides, resources and lesson plans
  • FREE Promotional VR headsets available* for use with Launch Your Career

*first 100 schools that register and onboard a minimum of 30 students.

This exciting opportunity is brought to you by The Inspirational Learning Group and is accessible through the innovative Launch Your Career search and discovery platform. During National Careers week this is available to all participating schools for FREE. Launch Your Career is an excellent resource that enhances careers programmes across the UK. Students will start their journey with an interactive personality quiz available in Virtual Reality or online, to help them understand their individual strengths, boosting their self-awareness, confidence and motivation and unlocking their personality animal and snap chat filters, supporting them to make better decisions about further study and career pathways.

Free Resources


Setting Expectations

An activity designed to help students understand salary expectations, how it impacts their wider plans for the future & careers that meet those salaries.  A great introduction to the relevance of LMI and putting real life in perspective.


Employability Skills

A self reflection piece for students to think about times they have demonstrated employability skills. This worksheet can be used independently or as part of a class exercise. Teacher guide included.


Personality Challenge

The best way to start the career journey is using our Virtual Reality Careers Experience, or to take the quiz online. However, we have included our paper version to do in the absence of technology and time! We would advise that you get students to do it again at home because it’s a much more immersive experience.


Building Brand You

A creative task that brings to life the strength of good branding, while supporting students to identify key skills and personality traits in order to promote themselves.


The USP Of A Biscuit

A great opportunity for students to identify their key strengths and why these strengths are so important.


Preparing For Interview

Insight into the types of tricky questions you may face during interviews, and how you can navigate your answers to provide the interviewer positive insight into your personality, logic and thought process.

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